Free your mind – free yourself – get your freedom!

Free your mind – free yourself – get your freedom!

Some people will stay their all life in a mold and never go out – well I do not belong to this group. I may be considered as a revolutionary guy but this is a choice.

A look into the future! For me living day by day is a must. Each new day has to be appreciated as a gift. And also every day you can learn new things that bring you further.

I appreciate the past but not live in it. The past is the past and here my recommendation is always to take the best out of it. Sure there are ups and downs in the life of everyone.

Let me tell you one thing – forget the negative part, you won’t be able to change it, take what you learn from it to improve your way of thinking, your knowledge, your experiences. All is part of your developmental phase.

Living in the past will not bring you further, enjoy the present and the future. Keep on going with new projects, embrace the change. Change is part of your daily life. If you refuse it, you will get stucked and become negative towards it. You cannot fight the change. Look the speed of events, how fast we went from fax to email or now social media communication. Black and white television to Netflix. No way to fight against it just embrace it and make your way along to the future.

Even the eating habits changed, so I became more healthy, and, if I would have known this years back… I would have had less to fight against the weight))).

My journey continues with many trips to reach even more freedom. I just started a new education in marketing after having become a Personal Trainer last year. My goal is to share it with as many people as possible and enjoy a further personal development.

Have fun… to be continued