Webinarjam review 2020 – webinar marketing is top

Can you imagine how many people are now quarantined around the World? Some schools are closed and the students have to continue to study. Thousands and thousands people have to be working online and may have meetings. The business life has to continue. Yes, business can’t stop now.

Therefore using the method of a webinar becomes very attractive for anybody. If you start to search the internet you will find numerous offers and of course you could spend a lot of time finding out which on is the best tool.

Are you considering a webinar software tool and trying to decide which one is best?

As a person of the World, social media marketing and communication with a large group of people anytime of the day can become a challenge, so I can understand how you feel, because I was there not so long ago.

There are so many reasons why companies or even schools are using webinars for business purposes and so I really took the time to search and test out several different options. Let me share my experience with you so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.

When I started, everyone told me to use GotoWebinar and honestly after I tried it I was quite disappointed. Why? Because when I compare with Webinarjam it is like comparing a program with a book that I have to give to my students or having a state-of-the-art digital program that everyone… like me… can use easily. By the way, did you know that GoToWebinar was not updated since 1997??? Questions???

And the best is that you can test it for $1 absolutely without any risk and believe me you will be thrilledI

WebinarJam Get your FREE trial now

I could spend a very long text to explain you the differences, but does this matter? I think really that if you are willing to work with a tool that will provide you all the very best possibilities in a super modern and effective way, than you have no choice, here is why:

WebinarJam Pros

  • It’s so easy.
  • It’s priced lower than any other software and offers more features at $39/month. Try it for 14 days for $1.
  • They have training videos at every step along the way to show you exactly what to do.
  • There are also live reps available 24/7 to help.
  • You can use pop up buttons, offers & countdowns to encourage webinar attendees to take action.
  • They provide landing page templates for your webinar that you can customize.
  • You can send both private and public messages to attendees during the webinar.
  • If an attendee has a question in the live chat, you can pull them into the live webinar, show their face and allow them to participate!
  • Every webinar is automatically recorded and the replay can be sent to attendees.
  • You can also use the recorded webinar to create an automated webinar using EverWebinar.
  • The team is constantly making the tool even better- the customer service is top.
  • And as you may be stressed during your preparation, know that there is even a „panic button“ in case you are in deep s…
  • Here is what some users are saying:

WebinarJam simplifies all of the set up and running of webinars so we can just focus on the content and delivery. It integrates with all of our tracking and mailing list systems [and] makes it super easy to prepare sales webinars with pre-defined ‘buy buttons’ etc.

I love WebinarJam, I use it weekly and it always makes me money!!“

„I am loving WebinarJam. First, they make it super easy to set up your webinar. It feels like they have thought of everything you need before you realize you need it. And it’s super cool to be able to toggle back and forth from slides to your screen to yourself! It’s a super product at a great price.“

„WebinarJam is just mind blowing – how easy it is to set up a webinar, how nicely it is combined with other tools which are already provided (registration pages, notifications etc). Greatly done! I feel like it is a win strategy for my philosophical-coaching business :)“

WebinarJam Cons

  • Some people experience a 10 second delay from live to what appears on the screens of attendees. This is pretty common with most webinar platforms though and doesn’t impact the experience from the perspective of the attendee.
  • At this time I did not find anything else to report about it!

WebinarJam Pricing

With WebinarJam, you have three pricing options:

  • Basic: WebinarJam’s Basic Plan costs $499/year. The plan grants you up to 2 presenters per webinar, 500 attendees per webinar, and 2 hours max duration.
  • Pro: WebinarJam’s Pro Plan costs $699/year. The plan grants you up to 4 presenters per webinar, 2000 attendees per webinar, and 3 hours max duration.
  • Enterprise: WebinarJam’s Enterprise Plan is crafted for larger businesses. At $999/year, it’s certainly not cheap. However, it may be worth it if your business relies heavily on webinars with large audiences as a marketing tactic. The Premium Plan grants you up to 6 presenters per webinar, 5000 attendees per webinar, and 4 hours max duration, plus access to the “always on” live room, the panic button and the control center so that someone else on your team can manage the backend of your webinar while the speaker speaks.

While the tool itself is pretty self explanatory (they provide tips & helpful videos along the way), I figured I’d make it even easier by showing you, step-by-step, what it looks like to create a webinar using WebinarJam.

Sometimes it can feel intimidating to get started with something new — and I want to make sure you don’t feel that way about getting started with webinars. It’s really easy and so worth the impact for your business.

How to use WebinarJam

Are you ready to try just for $1? – here are the steps to follow…

Sign up for the 14 day trial for just $1.

Download their plugin, which will allow you to seamlessly use the software in your browser.

WebinarJam requires that you do your presentation on a computer, rather than a mobile phone — but honestly, that’s preferable anyway – you want your webinar viewers to have a clear, solid picture. And doing the presentation on a computer allows you to engage with your viewers via chat, answer questions, and overall control the room better than you would be able to on a phone or tablet.

Once you are ready to start your first webinar, you’ll want to locate the “Your Links” button on your webinar’s page. That will lead you to a list of several links. As the host, you will want to click “Presenter Login Links,” copy the link under “Live Room” and paste it into your browser window.

Once you’re there, you’re in the Webinar room! Make sure to check off these last minute items before getting started:

  1. Free up as much computer space as possible – don’t run programs that use a lot of energy, like Spotify, Netflix and others.
  2. Wear earbuds! It makes all of the difference in your sound quality!
  3. Don’t consume your internet connection with things like gaming, downloads, etc. It messes with the quality of the webinar.
  4. Avoid distractions. This seems obvious, but remember to mute your phone, silence notifications on your computer, etc, etc, so you can focus on what’s in front of you.

Then, you’ll want to click enter the room, and you’ll be all set to roll! When you’re ready to start, just click “Start Event” (very confusing, I know), and you’re chat will be live.

Hope you enjoyed this review and I will be pleased to provide you more information soon

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Have fun