Paradise is calling

Paradise is calling…

If I tell you that my career started in the Maldives, what would you think about me? Or if I tell you that I work in the scuba diving industry, would you ask me the following question? Is this a job?

I have heard this question over and over during my whole career and it is always with a smile that I can answer.


Sometimes, you don’t know why but you are a leader per se, but you don’t know why. In a group, you say something and people start to follow you or accept your ideas. And you still don’t know why.

Sometimes, you do not want to be the leader and have all these responsibilities, stress and daily problems with the World. I went to the Maldives to be in paradise and follow my passion and yet, I always became a manager or higher, of the company I was working with.

But what if I didn’t want to be in a CEO position? What if you refuse a promotion? There are situations where you have no choice but to accept or you are out.

This happened to me and I made the mistake to accept a position that I didn’t want. Do I regret it? No, because every step in your life brings you further and you can stay with the positive or with the negative. I chose option 1.

Now, some years later, being 60 but I prefer to say 39 and a few months, I realize that dealing with teams, listening to them, especially if they are younger, gives you so much joy in mixing experience and visions, energy and passion. The way you lead a team is not based on how much you work but on how much you value your team. This ultimately will also give you a better quality life and if you are lucky as I am you will live your passion.

If you are not sure, we can definitely have a great conversation together about passion and job and surely about leadership and teams.

And my motto is, actually I have two, the first one is that “I look myself in the mirror every morning and I like what I see” and the second one is from Albert Einstein – “there are always people seeing a problem for every solution”. I dedicate my time to positive people.

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